Impressions from the seminar

Zur kompletten Darstellung JAVA aktivieren!

The seminar is over and I want to warmly thank Karin Knispel, Peter Schreiber and Andreas Ahlen fom Biomed for their kind support.

Before the seminar, we have spent a day together in Portonovo, a wonderful location south of Ancona. Swimming in the sea, fresh air and the fantastic Italian food with fresh fish and mussels have been an extraordinary experience.

Pictures: Portonovo

Movie: Portonovo

The seminar itself has been attended mainly by users of the AcuPro System. The most already knew Douglas from prior seminars.
It has been a pleasure to see how Douglas has recovered from his severe stroke four years ago. He has complete memory, although communication is affected. His wife Dianne is a great support for him, physically as mentally.
Douglas can conduct an AcuPro Test with his left hand.
He can walk with a cane.
It has been an honour to me, to have the chance to teach the colors in his presence!
Finally it became clear, that the AcuPro II - System with the EDS-Dialog, EDS-Imprint and LightPen will be the actual standard.

An AcuPro 3-Windows Version is definitely not ahead for the next years!
So the advice for AcuPro Users to protect themselves against computer hazards, to buy the new hardware!
Also to beginners, the AcuPro System is absolutely the actual choice.

Pictures: Seminar

Movie: Seminar

~ 18,6 MB download may take long time!

The day after the seminar, Karin brought us to the Black Madonna of Loreto.
This sacred location and specially the Basilica with the sanctuary of the “Santa Casa” is deeply impressive not only to Christians.

Pictures: Loreto

Movie: Loreto

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Altogether, it has been a seminar which I would like to repeat!
Perhaps, a small “international Conference” will be possible, when enough AcuPro Users worldwide will want to come together!

                                        Klaus John

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